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6 – 3 – 6 = 1 App: Android "Webgrrls Events"

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Webgrrls internal + external events e.g. Workshops, Presentations, Sessions in a list6: members of webgrrls.de (female), wanting to learn programming Android apps

3: trainers (male), taking turns in teaching, from basics to finishing the app

6: months from starting with Java to ending with the app's presentation at the Re:publica in Berlin








So what is the app about?

Events previously entered into our website (www.webgrrls-rheinmain.de) are listed in the app.

You can

  • search events for: calendar date, day (key words), description, location
  • register via email at the push of a button (provided you previously deposited you email address)
  • enter the date into your Google calendar, immediately at the push of a button
  • share the event with your social media communities
  • look up the location an a map
  • navigate there. The location's coordinates are committed to the navi app. Simply push a button to choose if you want to take the car, walk, or other (e.g. public transportation)

We are working at a feature to enable push messages as soon as new events have been entered or existing events have been changed. Please be patient – we are all working full time …

The app also works off-line: when refreshing the list the events are downloaded and saved on your smartphone. Past events will not be delivered after refreshing, their data will be deleted on your smartphone and the app will be filled with current data. So please refresh every once in a while to always be up-to-date!
For the time being, you can find dates of webgrrls.de throughout Germany (all regional chapters) and of "Jumpp" (an organization formerly known as "Frauenbetriebe" (women's enterprises)). We would like to offer other women's organizations to enter their dates to have them listed in the app. Organizations from abroad are welcome (that's also why this text is in English ;-)) – we had our app internationalized and localized (i.e. menus are in English, as well as date and time). If you would like to make your events available through our app, please contact me (http://www.gaby-becker.de/impressum.html). Organizations addressed should have an affiliation to topics of the web, such as programmers, web designers, online journalists, and the like.
If you want to see more screenshots of the app, view the photo gallery.
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